My grandma’s life was an epic struggle between joy and tragedy. Her stories have shaped our family’s identity for generations.

She entered this world larger than life, at 11 pounds, 8 ounces. Grieving the loss of her two older brothers, who died before she was born, her parents nearly named her “Dolores,” for sadness. …

Homeschooling during the pandemic was no walk in the park, but at least we managed to keep ourselves entertained

Great horned owl specimen in a museum

In retrospect, renting a taxidermied great horned owl for my kids was an obvious attempt to compensate for something.

Actually, it was an attempt to compensate for many things. First among them, of course, was Covid. By that point, October 2020, the kids had been cooped up with only their…

Women are consistently perceived as less creative than men. They also get less credit for their ideas. What can we do to change this?

Hand holding a glowing lightbulb

Like many people in academic or academic-adjacent careers, I eagerly binged this fall’s Netflix series “The Chair,” which follows the trials and tribulations of the first woman of color serving as chair of the English department at a prestigious private university. Despite an outstanding performance by Sandra Oh, as the…

More women embracing bad housekeeping as a lifestyle choice just might help us move beyond gendered expectations about housework.

Person vacuuming carpet full of multi-colored confetti

When we were kids, my sister and I and one of our friends wrote a musical, “Not All Fortune Lies in Sewing.” The heroine, Passalina, is an ordinary girl in an enchanted medieval kingdom. She’s hopeless at the domestic arts she’s meant to master, and dreams of a bigger life…

The tree watched over me as I grew up. Then suddenly, it was gone.

It was a senseless murder.

The tree — our tree — had been majestic. It was a white oak, the largest in town, and could have lived 300 years had it not been chopped down in its prime.

When we heard the news, I begged my parents to buy our…

As a comically unathletic person, I never thought I would have anything to do with sports. My kids had other ideas.

Toddler swinging a baseball bat to hit off a tee.

For Christmas a couple of years ago, my siblings gave me a giant green coffee mug that says “# Baseball Mom.” I was excited that the mug was so large, but puzzled by the inscription. “Shouldn’t it say ‘#1 Baseball Mom’?” I wondered. …

Brianna Conrey

Writer, pianist, and education nonprofit leader based in California. Weekly social commentary and stories about family with a twist of humor.

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